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Other aggregate materials such as stone and gravel are available at our  Arlington and Londonderry pits. For more information give us a call!

Protecting your property with native stone retaining walls.

walls_insertYour Vermont property is full of natural resources that can be used to create extraordinary structures and necessary security for your home or business. Whenever possible we try to utilize the stone that is found on your land, because it is both cost effective and regionally authentic.

Our equipment allows us to move large, flat wall rocks to create a solid retaining wall or protective barrier on your property. Of course, we also have access to several local quarries if you are looking for a more specific type of rock that is not present on your property for re-use.

Chaves Excavation builds a variety of retaining walls for

  • Erosion control
  • Pond creation
  • Landscaping utilization

We also work closely with your landscaper to build supporting or raised foundations in order to use parts of your property that would otherwise be unfeasible for gardening or patios. For more retaining wall options, contact us. We would be happy to discuss your needs.