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Retaining walls are made of a variety of materials, some of which can be utilized from your own property if appropriate to the job. Chaves will help you evaluate your options and find you the materials needed to do the job.

Maximize the use of your on-site resources.

crushing-insertWe can turn your bankrun and topsoil into more versatile and useful materials. Our mobile crushing and screening units are one cost effective way to recycling right there on your land. Depending on how much material you have, there may be no need to truck it in.  Chaves is equipped with a jaw crusher, cone crusher and screener as well as 4 plants for additional gravel and stone if needed.

Take what you have and turn it into:

  • Decorative landscape material
  • Drainage fill
  • Driveway stone
  • Debris free topsoil for lawns and gardens

Call us if you need assistance crushing stone at your local gravel pit or quarry!